Fall Garden and Pasture Checklist

Broccoli in Straw Mulch
Broccoli in Straw Mulch [photo source: motherearthnews.com]
Clean: In your garden, orchard and vineyard, cut back, rake through, remove diseased foliage and plant cover crops to exposed soil.

Hydrate: Give your trees and shrubs a nice long drink to hydrate them throughout the winter months.

Amend: Amend your soil with manure, compost, sand, peat moss and kelp meal. Build up those nutrients!

Protect: Apply a winter mulch over your perennials, vines, raised beds and at the base of trees.

Plant: Plan grass, bulbs, cool-season vegetables, perennials, trees and shrubs.

Graze: Use Multi-Species grazing to prepare your pasture for winter. Send through your goats and sheep to eat the invading bushes and shrubs than your cattle and horses to mow down your pasture, next your poultry to scratch the manure into the soil and next your hogs to plow and till, disturbing the earth and creating loads of top soil.

Prepare: Prepare the a new housing and grazing/free range area for your livestock to see winter through until spring. Rotation is just as important during the winter months as it is in spring, summer and fall. Plan and prepare the fields for livestock housing and rotation. Use debris and leftovers from fall harvests for new compost piles next to the poultry coop.

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