Our Veterans

The phrase “thank you for your service” will be said and has been said numerous times today — as it should be.  I have to ask though, are we thankful?  I believe that we all can be better at being thankful.  Let’s commit to taking it a little further.  Our military and our veterans protect and have protected our freedoms.  Many have put their service first, above all else… That is, frankly, awe inspiring.  Many have put their lives on the line, rushing into danger where most would run and hide.  Many have paid the ultimate price…

As I write this, I am crying.  Truly, it takes a lot to get me to weep…  When I experience our government or fellow citizens infringing on our rights and freedoms, I am offended because of what has been given to defend and protect these freedoms.

The United States has not always done everything correctly.  We are not perfect and have done things that would be far easier to shove under the rug.  I do, however, believe that the United States has been an overwhelming source of good.  Who embodies this goodness is our veterans.  I see simple gestures, like that of a solider saving the sweets out of their MRE to give to a local child – just to make them smile.   Overwhelmingly, they care.  And because they care so deeply, we should support them 365 days a year during their service and after they have served.  They are not victims; they deserve our respect.  Become involved with your thank you.  Donate and volunteer with veteran’s programs, become involved with veteran’s families, hire and invest in veterans (service in our military prepares you far more than any college education), support measures to protect our veterans- add significant pressure to the VA (honestly, bile rises in my throat every time I consider what our veterans have gone through to receive medical care; it pisses me off – you should feel this way too), give, care and become involved with supporting our military and veterans.

2 thoughts on “Our Veterans

  1. I am a veteran. I served in the Air Force during Vietnam. As I come across veterans, I want to thank them for their service. But somehow I feel those are hollow words. They have become something we say. If we want to thank veterans and show our appreciation, we need to not go into conflicts with no understanding as to a way out. Often we have used the military to solve foreign policy challenges. We seem to think we can fix these challenges when all we can do is manage them. Iraq, Libya and Iran are primary examples of this. So was Vietnam. We are going to be dealing with the problems the returning veterans of these conflicts of Iraq and Afghanistan for years to come. Almost all the people running for president seem to indicate they will be sending in boots on the ground. These same people want to not negotiate with Iran. This is a road to disaster.

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    1. Our government uses our military with no clear mission, resolution goals or exit strategy. This is an absolute shame and problem – for sure. Then, the government doesn’t take care of the vets thereafter. This issue makes me incredibly angry.

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