Clabbered Butter : Make Butter How Your Great-Grandma Made It

Boy~Oh~Boy… I’m getting old.  I will now give you a recipe for butter the way your great-grandma made it… Clabbered butter is cream which has gone sour with healthy, natural cultures which are in yogurt, buttermilk or raw milk.

Clabbered Butter

4 cups of Heavy Cream (not ultra-pasturized, raw milk cream is preferred)

1/3 cup of Yogurt or Buttermilk (only necessary if you do not use raw cream, make sure yogurt or buttermilk doesn’t contain stabilizers or gums)

Sea Salt ~ to taste

Pour cream into a glass bowl and mix in yogurt or buttermilk. Cover loosely and place in a warm area of the kitchen overnight. After 12-18 hours, your cream will be

Cultured Cream
Cultured Cream [photo source:]
noticeably thicker and slightly tangy. If your cream is bubbling or putting off gases than a bad bacteria has gotten into your beautiful cream (this rarely, if ever happens). Mourn it and discard. If your cream has yet to thicken, give it a few more hours in a warm place of your kitchen.

Sprinkle the salt in now. Next comes the churning or agitation. You must agitate the cream in order to break the water from the fat within the cream. You can do this multiple ways: a hand beater, churn, stand mixer or even a whisk. Whip the cream until it breaks into grains and quickly after, butter floating in buttermilk. Tilt the bowl, hold back the butter and drain into a cup the buttermilk. Use the buttermilk for any number of goodies!

Now you have to wash your butter to remove residual buttermilk. Pour ice water over the butter in the bowl. Using a fork first, then a rubber spatula, work the ice water into the butter. Knead and stir it vigorously. The water will turn white, almost like skimmed milk and the butter, because of the cold ice, will firm up and push the water out. Pour out the water and repeat the process until the water is clear.

Mix in additional salt, to taste, if needed. Put into mold or waxed paper. Spread it on a delicious slice of homemade bread.


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