Weather… The Good, the Bad & Especially the Ugly!

Nothing expresses an emergency like weather…  I do mean that.  Severe rain, thunder, lightening, wind with a possibility of a tornado,  plus freezing temperatures…   speaks to the soul like nothing else.  Okay, well maybe a forest fire or hurricane can speak to us as well.

Want to tap into your basic instinct of survival??? Weather is it!  I am not being extreme here… it is the very basis of reality.  In our neck-of-the-woods weather is an extreme reality.  Rain, moisture, wet, wind, cold… hypothermia…  It is a reality for us, for our livestock, for our crops and for our garden.  All spell “SURVIVAL” or “DISASTER” depending on your prospective and level of preparedness.

I used to think that water – particularly the ocean –  has a way of reducing us to our basic instinct.  While I do not underestimate the sheer power of the ocean, I found that there is something else which reduces us even quicker.  Extreme Weather…. As branches hit our home with brute force….  As our electricity goes out… Weather becomes a true reality, despite the shelter of our home and barn.

Do we understand what weather can do now-a-days, with all of the high-tech weather predicting equipment and teams of weathermen at our disposal?  The answer is NO!  A big-fat No!  Haha haha!  I had to dig deep for the articles on weather.  Trying to remember a 6th grade Meteorology class while downing vitamin D pills results in lots of research by this writer…  Haha haha haha!

Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots of Rain… Hail… Branches, no, LOGS hitting our home… High winds…. Blizzards…. Floods… Freezing Temperatures…  or Scorching Temperatures for that matter.

The weather can, and will, drive you crazy here in the Northwest.  It is due to the lack of Sunshine and Vitamin D… No sunshine = bad news.  It has rained, literally, 24 hours a day for 87 days.  Not a light drizzle, a constant downpour of rain.

FORGET THIS!  My next post is on predicting weather…

It just makes us feel like we are more in control.

10 thoughts on “Weather… The Good, the Bad & Especially the Ugly!

  1. We live in an area frequented by tornadoes, ice storms and hurricanes. And yes, i find it frightening and terrifying and all that. But one thing that i do appreciate is the reminder of our place in he world and that we arent really in control. Sometimes it helps me to have that kind of reminder and it helps me appreciate the things i take for granted.

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  2. Yes, weather is a huge factor that affects many aspects of life. We have survived hurricane Hugo, numerous ice storms, and being snowed in many times, all of which resulted in extended power outages, which, when you live out in the sticks, means no water and no central heat. Preplanning has gotten us through with reasonable comfort. Wood stove, stored water, well stocked pantry and a positive attitude make all the difference in the world.

    When I was working an outdoor job the weather affected my comfort and wellbeing every single day.

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  3. Grannie Appleseed

    Just read your blog today after we had severe weather (tornadoes) yesterday predicted for our area of NW Arkansas but thankfully for our area the bad storms stayed west and south of us. Others in Oklahoma lost loved ones and homes. Tornadoes are very real and very scary for our family ever since we got hit by an EF3 in 2010 right on New Year’s Eve morning. We and our four children have our tornado story and that we all agree it is enough for our one and only lifetime. And a major ice storm in 2009 without power for 9 days is another experience. I’ve told my kids many times that “earth is not a safe place.” And none of us get out of here alive, do we? No “survivor” T-shirts for the children of earth as we go mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. But as long as we have life and breath, we will try our best to survive the weather challenges thrown at us, the good, the bad and the ugly! Pax et bonum, y’all.

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    1. It is against my very nature to say “F’Yeah”… Please understand that I am a Christian, a catholic, and cannot go down that road. BUT few words speak to what Grannie Appleseed just said-what she expressed so well. When you have faced adversity… When you can get down on your hands-and-knees and thank the dear lord GOD for your and your family’s continued survival… Well… Sometimes it is real, and language… Well God understands.


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