Russian Spy Ship Patrolling off U.S. East Coast

Russian spy ship patrolling off U.S. east coast

Russian Vishnya (also known as Meridian) class warship CCB-175 Viktor Leonov, arrives at Havana’s harbor, on February 27, 2014. The Vishnya class ships are used for gathering intelligence.: russia-ship-gettyimages-480899249.jpg© ADALBERTO ROQUE/AFP/Getty Images russia-ship-gettyimages-480899249.jpg
A Russian spy ship is patrolling off the east coast of the United States, reports CBS News national security correspondent David Martin.

The ship, known as an AGI (Auxiliary, General Intelligence), made a port call in Cuba and has been working its way up the east coast.

Currently the ship is off the coast of Delaware, well in international waters.  It is expected to continue north until it gets to the sub base at New London, Conn., then turn around and head south toward Cuba.

The presence of foreign vessels and aircraft near U.S. territory is nothing new.  In 2015, there was a flap about a Russian spy ship hanging out in a spot where the transatlantic cables are laid.

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2 thoughts on “Russian Spy Ship Patrolling off U.S. East Coast

  1. Iran and Radical Islam is the real enemy. Remember the cartoon Spy vs. Spy?
    A game that goes on and on and an intellectual Chess match that nobody wins.
    Your posts about threats to global, U.S. and destruction of power grids etc. are more alarming because people are too stupid to know that everything they live and breathe on the Internet or their creature comforts could go up in a flash. You are a survivalist. I wish I could work on your preserve; only because I eschew civilization and it’s disgusting trappings that make us all dependent idiots. I could be very happy without a cell phone, a lap top and a television. But on the other hand, my mother once presented me with a conundrum when everyone was building bomb shelters in the 1960s. She said: ” So if they kill everyone but you with a nuclear bomb, why would you want to be the last remaining person on the planet.” I said:” It wasn’t a problem for Adam or Noah, It’s OK as long as you have at least one rib left so God can fashion a partner for you. Then we can start all over again, in our own Eden .” She said: ” Maybe so. What you also
    know what happened the last two times, don’t you?’

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    1. I would agree that Radical Islam is a large threat to Western Societies; it is my opinion that they are the weapon being wielded by other powers. i.e. Russia, China and yes, sadly the USA. These news posts on Russia are a demonstration of Russia saber-rattling. In my humble opinion, they are testing the new administration. Not to see if they react, but how they react. We were in a precarious position with the previous administration, as it is my belief backed by CIA disclosures, that we were in a proxy-war with Russia in Syria. At this time, I am not sure where we are at with our international relations with quite a few foreign powers. It is all unsettling.

      It is human nature to fall into routine, bond together and for us all to serve various functions in society. It is my belief that we (The West) are far to dependent on this system which is so fragile. I hope that more people will become less dependent on this system-hence my blog. We all cannot lose hope. We must all strive to help others. 😉

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