The Current State of the Country…

(I originally posted this prior to the US Presidential elections.  Please know, that it is always my stance to support the current administration until actions have dictated otherwise, regardless of my personal opinion.  I respect the office of the presidency, first and foremost.)

Recently I have been re-posting messages about a possible EMP, Russia, China and the USA power grid written by other authors.  In full disclosure,  I felt it was important to give a little background information and let you all know that my first degree was in International Relations with a minor in the Russian language.  I wanted to write contracts between corporate interests in the US and that of the new (at the time) capitalist country of Russia.  As you can see, a corporate-desk-job was not for me.  But I still have an interest in International Relations; particularly between Russia, China, Syria, Iran and the USA.

I feel it now is important to say what my current perspective is in regards to International Relations…  I love the Russian people.  They are a strong-willed, hardy, intelligent, hard working and a beautiful people.  However, they are currently being led by an overtly corrupt leadership.  Not just President Putin… There are other leaders and interests pulling the strings behind the scenes. Wordpress is great at blog stats and details out who looks at each article and where they are from.  Some time ago my Russian readership completely and utterly ceased to exist.  Hmmm….

In my humble opinion, the problem that we are currently facing in the USA is a lack of identity.  By becoming a politically-correct motivated country, the USA has lost who we are and what are about.  By placing party politics over what is morally right, we have become amoral, exposed and vulnerable.  This didn’t occur because of the current administration; although current leadership has not helped in the least.  It also didn’t occur because of the last administration; although they, surely, did not help either.  It isn’t a Republican party problem.  It isn’t a Democrat party problem.  We, as a citizenry, keep on voting in corrupt and self-serving people as our leaders.  Why are we surprised to currently have the worst (again, my humble opinion) two candidates from the two major parties?  Why do we Americans only consider two parties to begin with?  What we have here folks, is an American culture problem.  Not knowing who we are and what we value has made us weak and feeble and dangerous.

This brings me to the topic at hand.  My blog is about homesteading and self reliance.  My desire and motivation is to help people become more self reliant, or to rely less on big governing bodies as they inherently become corrupt and polluted.  As I have stated before, we will always be reliant on God and His grace.  We will always rely upon our community and the good people who reside in our community.  We also want to be a force for good, with a heart for service to others, for our family, community, State, Country and the World.  I wish to empower you all to be able to “Provide for Your Family”… In my writings, I like to pass along skills which have not made it to the next generation, but are exceedingly important.  As of late, I have felt a need to push the time frame on promoting self reliance.  Okay, that is too mild of a statement.  I feel an absolute URGENCY to promote self reliance.  My re-posting of other authors concerning Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, EMPs and a downed power grid set the stage, or may help you all to feel some urgency as well to become as self reliant as possible in your current situation.

I believe we are already at war with Russia; via a proxy-war in Syria… Russian submarines our close to our ports.  Russian fighter jets are in or have been in our airspace.  We are currently fighting Russia in Syria.  We are positioning our troops in various countries close to the Russian border. We just brokered a deal with Iran which enables the Iranians to inspect their own nuclear development projects, presumably to gain ground against Russia.  Russia and China both began the movement to have the USA dollar not be the world currency.  Numerous countries have followed suit.  The USA has civil unrest funded by George Soros and I suspect, Russian and Chinese sources.  Our electrical grid is not protected and our enemies are targeting our electrical grid using cyber-warfare and actual physical attacks.  Middle Eastern countries have recently ruled that using an EMP against the West is a moral action and ISIS is calling for our electrical grid’s destruction.  The threat of the destruction of our electrical grid is now eminent. So much so, as it is now the Department of Homeland Security’s and this administration’s position that Americans must be prepared for long term (years) of no access to the electrical grid.

The problem with knocking out our electrical grid is that it would be catastrophic…  Various departments and committees also suggest that 90% of the people would die as a result.  Due to the level of complexity our food system, water system, electrical system and culture makes us particularly vulnerable.

Hence, this is my current motivation to encourage and empower people world-wide to become self reliant. Since the dawn of history, governing bodies have pit their citizens against other governing bodies and their people.  Please, as regular-everyday citizens, let’s all work together to become more self reliant from our respective governments so that sanity may prevail and good people survive.

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