Benefits of the Plantain Weed

– as with any herbal treatment, seek the guidance of a homeopathic doctor prior to use –

Many people consider this herb a weed but, in fact, it is a miracle medicinal herb.  It just may be growing in your lawn as we speak.  It is a mainstay in a medicinal herbal garden. The roots, leaves, flowers and seeds can be used externally or internally.

Broadleaf Plantain
Broadleaf Plantain

Benefits of Plantain

  • Dry Coughs (tea, leaves and flowers)
  • Dry Colds (tea, leaves and flowers)
  • Asthma (tea, leaves and flowers)
  • Wound Treatment (sap, leaves)
  • Insect Bites (sap, leaves)
  • Rattlesnake Bites (poultice, root)
  • Blood Poisoning (poultice-outside, tea-inside, leaves)
  • Diuretic (tea, leaves)
  • Skin Disorders (tea, leaves)
  • Dewormer (powdered, root)
  • Antifungal, Antheminitic, Antibacterial and a safe and effective Antiseptic

Plantain Herb Side Effects

  • Lowers Blood Sugar
  • Mild Laxative
Ribwort Plantain
Ribwort Plantain

For further information about Plantain, please seek out resources from these doctors, herbalists and authors.
Mrs. M. Grieve, author of A Modern Herbal
Michael Tierra, L.Ac., O.M.D.
Terry Willard, author of Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Rocky Mountains and Neighbouring Territories
Susan Weed, director of the Wise Woman Center in Woodstock, New York
Dr. Christopher Hobbs
Rosemary Gladstar

8 thoughts on “Benefits of the Plantain Weed

  1. peacelovepointers

    I guess all I ever knew about plantain was that my rabbits love it. No wonder they are so healthy! I haven’t seen any growing in my yard just yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. This is good to know. Lately, I’ve been ripping that out of the yard and throwing it away. Yes, it sure looks like a weed. So, I’m wondering if I save a few of them, how to store them. Do you put them in the freezer in a Ziploc? Or do you dry them and store them in glass containers. How long will they last and still be safe to use? I’d love more information on that plant, details etc. Thank you!


    1. Dry the leaves, stem and seeds… Hang with a paper lunch bag covering them… They will last about a year. If you wish to keep it longer, make a tincture out of plantain by steeping in in alcohol.. 😉


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