DIY Herb Gardens For Every Space


1. Tiered Herb Garden

Harvesting herbs will be a breeze with this awesome tiered herb garden from Decor and the Dog. This corner planter is perfect for large decks and patios. Another bonus? You can build it yourself. Add annual flowers to the planter for pops of color.


2. Space-Maximizing Herb Planter


Short on outdoor space? These DIY herb planters are ideal because they take advantage of unused vertical space. They’ll also create a great a lovely pop of color in your outdoor living area. And you’re not limited to only herbs; you can also fill the planters with flowers.

3. Galvanized Tub Herb Garden

If you love scouring flea markets and finding all things old, this herb garden from On Sutton Place is for you. If herbs aren’t necessarily your thing but you like the look, you could plant one or two vegetables in each tub.

4. Tabletop Clothespin Planter

Growing your herbs indoors? Skip the boring, plain planter and make your own! with this tutorial from 7th House on the Loft. These adorable herb planters are made with tin cans and stained clothespins. You’ve got to love a beautiful, inexpensive, and useful DIY project like this one.

5. Mason Jar Wall Planter

If you need some functional wall art, or don’t have anywhere to set planters in sunny spot in your home, why not whip up some mason jar wall planters? These planters from Not Just a Housewife are pretty inexpensive to make, and the supplies (pieces of wood, hose clamps, and mason jars) can be found at home improvement or big-box stores.

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10 thoughts on “DIY Herb Gardens For Every Space

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  2. I love these ideas! When I lived in the city I had tons of container gardens and LOTS of veggies. Now that I live in the suburbs and can garden in my yard-I have the deer and bunnies to contend with! I like the idea the mason jar idea, I think I could store this high enough to be safe from critters.

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