21 thoughts on “Andy Griffith On Socialism

  1. Barbara

    What Marx didn’t foresee in his prediction that capitalism was a stage that would lead to pure socialism/communism is the stage of “consumer capitalism”β€”that’s the kind of capitalism we live in. It’s a feeding machine that requires spending to keep running. We are not the old traditional definition of capitalism, but the newer one, probably spurred on by the introduction of such things as Ford’s assembly line jobs and then, with unions, the ability of workers to make enough money to spend beyond necessity. Now we just have to continue to feed the machine by spending.

    I think we might want to be wary of what could happen if we throw a wrench into that machine and bring it to a halt. Simple political platitudes and slogans don’t talk about that complexity.


  2. Unfortunately more and more people are working harder and harder and getting less and less for it. Corporations are buying up more and more business so their stock market prices will go up. And they won’t have competition.(That used to be called a monopoly but not any more.) When their costs go down, such as the cost of gasoline, they continue to raise prices, such as the cost of air fare and food. That’s capitalism. At least, the twenty-first century kind. Consequently the smart people go off to Wall Street and get jobs at Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers. And do things that hurt their costumers but benefit the firm. Or they start hedge funds with gigantic computers that can buy and sell millions of shares of stock, making profits off a portion of a penny per share. When they threaten to bring the economy down, we bail them out. The executives drive the economy into the toilet and they are rewarded with large raises and humongous severance packages. It’s okay for an executive to raise the cost of a life-saving drug by hundreds of times. Since we have socialism for the rich and powerful, why is it wrong for the rest of us? I am thinking maybe a little socialism for the rest of us is required these days. One thing is for sure. I am tired of this romanticizing capitalism. I like the saying Jean Shepherd coined, “In God we trust. All others pay cash.” Because that has become our religion. Our god is no money. And greed is the first commandment.

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    1. Hmmm I would say that the USA isn’t a capitalist country anymore — it is cronyist (corps in bed with govt). Large industrial corporations are in bed with all aspects of government. Just one of the reasons I am a libertarian. I have no problem with people who are rich or poor. I do have a HUGE problem with lobbyists employed by industrial corporations buying votes and those in the government willing to be bought. I am a capitalist and feel that it is the only viable option for a prosperous economy. However, in order for this system to be successful, government leaders cannot be bought by the highest bidder, creating laws and regulations benefiting the highest bidder. This requires a responsible citizenry (a citizen’s duty) which holds their representatives responsible — this hasn’t happened in a long, long while. The powers-that-be have ensured that the last few generations are not educated, are divided into categories and are dependent on the government. I would say that our biggest issue is the power-hungry elitists that feel they can dictate to the rest of us and those willing to bow down and follow. Just my opinion. Thanks Don! πŸ˜‰

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  3. Sally

    Love this! But I wonder how much the kid could buy in those days for his 25 cents. And was it a fair wage when measured against the effort he put into cleaning the garage? I wonder if the kid ever went on to join a Workers Union.

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