What Makes America the Greatest Country in the World?

I don’t know anymore…  We sure used to be… I have watched this video over – and – over again. These United States of America used to be the greatest country the world has ever seen.  We were founded on the understanding that all men were created equal and have been endowed by our Creator with natural-born-God-given rights.  The USA was the first to recognize these facts and was founded on these principles.  As time has slugged on, other countries have adopted some of these principles – which in my mind, helps them to be great too.  Freedom does not and will not make the USA great.  Diversity and opportunity does not and will not make the USA great.  The Constitution doesn’t make us great — it just provides the framework for us citizens to make it great.  Being moral, a force for good… that is what makes us a great country. We, as citizens, have a duty to the USA.  If we want the federal government to be accountable to us citizens, we have to participate.  We must hold our representatives and all branches and departments of the government to the highest standard…  Yes, that means the CIA, NSA, IRS, USDA, Judicial, Executive and Legislative and all other abbreviations.  We must elect those of good moral character – first and foremost.  We must look at every action that our government commits is a reflection – no, not a reflection, that isn’t close enough – it is a statement of what we believe as a country.  Our system of government is corrupt and polluted TO THE CORE.  I no longer place the blame on an individual politician’s feet.  The blame is now on us, the citizens…  We are a corrupt and polluted culture of people.  We have forgotten our fundamentals and all we do is bicker.  Sickening… Do we want to be great again?  Do we — REALLY?  Strip down all of your beliefs to the core… Look at what you have added to our country.  What are those duties or what should they be? Have you performed your duty as a citizen?



17 thoughts on “What Makes America the Greatest Country in the World?

  1. I expect your knowledge of American History is way, way better than mine (and mine of Scottish History might well be better than yours!) so I’ll start by saying I’m not going to give an opinion on the different Presidents. I don’t know the facts well enough.
    However, what I really respect and admire about your answer is that you look for the times when certain values seemed to be held in their highest esteem – the values of freedom, particularly freedom of speech, and the values of the common good – I’m guessing that’s what you are referring to about the WWII years – when America came together with “the Allies” to defeat the evil of the nazi invaders and their allies.
    Isn’t it interesting that not only in its first years of existence, but also during and after the world wars, America was a beacon for people escaping repression, poverty and war to find, they hoped, freedom….freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to live according to their values. Admirable.
    So is it different now?
    Why all the hatred….all the hate speech that disturbs you (and me) so much?
    What can we do, we humans, to counter that?
    As you suggest calling it out is important, engaging as positively as we can with others who don’t seem to see the world the same we do. After all it’s said these days that partisans increasingly speak in echo chambers only having twitter feeds, facebook friends and so on full of people who agree with us.
    And I suppose the one person we can all influence is ourselves. I often have an image of the ripples spreading out over the surface of the water after I skim a stone at the loch’s edge…..and I think, ok, when I write this (this blog post, this comment, this tweet) what am I rippling out over the water? Hey, maybe there’s a good image – let’s make the ripples we want to see spread. (btw I think you seem to do that pretty instinctively already!)

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  2. Thank you for this thoughtful and thought-provoking writing. Here’s a couple of questions which came into my mind when I read it (I’m a Scot who lives in France by the way – full disclosure!)
    When you think that America isn’t a great country any more, what time in history are you comparing it to? When was America at its greatest – in your opinion – and what was it about that time that leads you to conclude that?
    And the other question I have is a more general one that doesn’t just apply to America. If you woke up tomorrow morning and something magical or miraculous had occurred while you were asleep so that now you were waking up into a “great country”, how would you know? What would you notice had changed?

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    1. When you think that America isn’t a great country any more, what time in history are you comparing it to? When was America at its greatest – in your opinion – and what was it about that time that leads you to conclude that?
      Okay… So ridiculously enthusiastic about this… I apologize now. Okay, in answer: “What time in history?” We have had multiple times in history; sometimes short-lived, sometimes defining multiple generations. Andrew Jackson as military leader and then President, was, in my humble opinion, the start of our downfall. Ultimately, when our culture respected, let alone endured, opposing opinion, which made us so incredibly angry, but we still embraced and fought for the right to say it…. Was the epitome of freedom of speech… This made us great…. Before hate speech and yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre… I hate… hate speech… When people spout off about hating a particular culture or religion; my first reaction is to beat the crap out of them. This is the “God’s-Honest-Truth”. I am all fight, no flight or freeze in my immediate reaction. I feel like beating their asses to the ground. (sorry everyone, I dislike swearing, but this is my honest response) Instead, because of my support for freedom of speech, I instead, fight for their right to say it… I do not shout them down or attempt to silence them in any way. I also vehemently protest and testify as to why they are wrong… This takes respect for the freedom of speech, respect for my fellow man and respect for myself (belief and knowing that my opinion is better/right/moral). It takes strength.

      The last time this occurred in our USA culture was probably during WWII when the “Greatest Generation” existed. This was when we came together as a culture and decided to pursue a moral, common goal, verses separate political ideologies. Maybe, for a very brief moment, we as a culture experienced this on 9/11, but it was so brief and didn’t change culture. “Always Remember”, my backside. In my humble opinion, it started with Andrew Jackson’s political beliefs, aspirations and actions, which then became fruitful and penetrated our culture with President Theodore Roosevelt, FDR and Woodrow Wilson under the Progressive Movement and has penetrated or possibly infected our “Western Society” and ever since with Political Correctness. Bleghhhh…. So my answer to the first question is, prior to the after effects of the Great Depression and WWII; we as a country made decisions for moral reasons – right or wrong (for posterity sake, I believe they were right, good moral reasons).

      The second question, “When was America at its greatest – in your opinion – and what was it about that time that leads you to conclude that?” Okay, this may upset many. Don’t worry, feel free to fully express your angst with this statement… I would say America was at it’s greatest, because it embodied true God-given, natural rights with the first three Presidents. My immediate reaction is that America was at its greatest with President Washington, and it diminished after that. But the Libertarian in me, say to look at what President Adams and President Jefferson brought to the table. This isn’t to say that individuals didn’t contribute, they did. Nor does it mean that organized forces were not good or influential, they were (i.e. the US military). Was it because of these particular men? Yes and no… They fully understood freedom and what it all meant to society and to the individual, which we, as a nation, cannot ever completely comprehend. Immigrants from countries which provided very little freedom (Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, China and certain Middle Eastern and Asian countries), also had this perspective. Whether from their own government officials or from being overtaken, had this perspective. But, they didn’t penetrate our society as much as they should have…

      Thoughts? Opinions? A screaming tirade? All are welcome.


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  4. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams.

    “Religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society.” George Washington

    What Americans need to do is actually think about what they have substituted morality and religion for and seriously ask themselves, while watching how we treat each other on the news, if those substitutions are sustainable.

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