Mr. Salatin Goes to Washington

This issue is near and dear to my heart…  If you do not know who Joel Salatin is, look him up!  Brilliant guy!

14 thoughts on “Mr. Salatin Goes to Washington

  1. I love Joel Salatin! He’s never afraid to speak his mind. I understand all the food regulations were put into place to prevent unscrupulous people from selling bad food, but I don’t think it’s really worked out as there has been more cases of food born pathogens in the last twenty years than I seen in my first twenty-five. And it’s not just one type of food; it’s everything. We seen it in spinach, chicken, even peanut butter. The regulations are doing nothing for food safety. I would love to be able to go to a farmer and buy fresh cow’s milk (actually I would rather have my own, but barring that, the friendly neighborhood farmer would suffice quite nicely). I drank it all through my childhood and never got sick once from it. Against the law or not, I would buy my milk from a farmer if I knew one that was willing to sell it to me. It’s hard to find though because farmers are terrified of getting into trouble. Going to the farm to buy our milk was a treat for us kids. We didn’t just go and grab milk, we stayed and visited for a while. It was more than a business transaction, we were friends with our farmer.

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  2. I nearly passed up reading this but I am very glad I didn’t! I hadn’t heard of him prior to this, but Mr. Salatin is an extremely interesting guy and I really enjoyed his responses to these issues (which I honestly had little to no idea about to begin with,) especially to question #6. My favorite was his point about “personal responsibility;” while I believe that SNAP and similar programs are beneficial when properly utilized, the fact is that the system is also heavily abused. While working in lower-wage jobs in the past, I worked with several SNAP recipients who would talk about “selling” their SNAP money for around fifty-cents on the dollar, whereby they would buy what they wanted for the month and then collect cash, for letting other people use their excess money, that they could then use to buy cigarettes, booze, or whatever else they wanted. This is fraud, theft, and taking away from other needy individuals.

    I further agree with his idea of downsizing the federal government and turning control of most issues back over to state and local governments. Our over-bloated federal government was the centerpiece around my recent series of posts on the subject of the federal deficit, so I am certainly partial to someone that would run on a platform of downsizing.

    While I can’t say I would definitely vote for him without expanding further on other issues, I would without-a-doubt take close consideration, especially considering the crop of candidates we are usually stuck with…lol

    Salatin 2020??? Has a pretty decent ring to it, no? lol Thanks for sharing 🙂

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      1. I love the idea of, one of these days, owning a piece of land with a nice, big garden and raising some chickens (and maybe some other things but who knows yet)…so I’m thinking I may have to check out some of Joel’s books on the subject.

        It’s really nice getting pointers from you, as well. I’ve only started gardening the past two summers so I’m still on the back-end of the learning curve thus far. lol…it’s still a fun learning process though! 🙂

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