15 Essential Homestead Kitchen Tools

High-quality, basic tools and equipment is the secret weapon of a homestead kitchen. More than anything else, kitchen tools will get the biggest workout; so go for quality over quantity which will last you a lifetime if well-cared for.

1. Canning Jars, Bottles, Jugs, Corks and Reusable LidsKitchen-Tools-2

Think ahead. Purchase a variety of volume-sized jars all with wide-mouths. Make sure you save all of your wine and beer bottles which have all the same sized mouth. Purchase corks instead of bottle caps

2. Stock Pots, Kettles, Cast Iron & Enamel CookwareKitchen-Tools-16

Think high quality and big, really big. When you begin to process all of your own meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit and grain, you quickly understand that bigger is better in this instance.

3. Knife Set with Sharpener and Cutting Boards

A 10” Chef’s Knife, Bread Knife, Paring Knife, Butcher Cleaver, Boning Knife, Kitchen Scissors and a Carving Knife are essentials for a homestead. Make sure you purchase a sharpening stone to keep the blades in perfect


working order. Also, a variety of cutting boards is a wise investment such as wood block, plastic and stone.

4. Pressure Canner

You can use the pressure canner for pressure canning, water bath canning, pressure cooking and tool sterilization. All good things on a homestead.

5. Meat Grinder and a Sausage StufferKitchen-Tools-5

Think quality and hand-cranked. I prefer to have tools which are not run by electricity, due to the uncertainty of whether we will have it when we are in need of it, but this is completely up to you.

6. Food MillKitchen-Tools-6

A food mill processes so many sauces on our homestead from salsa, ketchup, mustard, marinara, enchilada, baby food and many more. Your food mill needs to strong, durable and large.

7. Grain MillKitchen-Tools-7

A variety of grinds will help you immensely. You may use a grain mill for a wide variety of grains, legumes and starches.

Kitchen-Tools-88. Thermometers

Deep fry, candy, oven, probe etc. Thermometers are essential and again think quality.

9. ScalesKitchen-Tools-9

Scales are incredibly useful. Digital and manual are all good options.

Kitchen-Tools-1010. Mortar and Pestle and other Food Grinders (Coffee, Spice, Salt & Pepper)

Large and sturdy is what you are looking for in a mortar and pestle. Select one made from granite, marble or other hard stone.


11. Oil Press

Sorry to say there are not many options for oil presses out on the market. Extracting oils from seeds or nuts is labor intensive. It makes me long for the old horse-driven, olive oil presses in Italy.

Kitchen-Tools-1212. Kitchen Utensils: Spoons, Spatulas, Biscuit Cutters, Ladle, Mandolin, Basters, Graters, Peelers, Rolling Pin, Strainers and Hand Mixers

Select a variety, high quality and in multiple sizes.

13. Mixing Bowls and High Temperature Glass Bakeware and Baking SheetsKitchen-Tools-13

Hopefully you will be cooking in a wood-burning stove at some point. It is just so delicious; it is something I highly recommend experiencing. But if you do cook in a wood burning oven, make sure your cookware can withstand high temperatures.

Kitchen-Tools-1414. Kitchen Towels & Sponges

Flour sack towels and natural loofa sponges are brilliant tools for your homestead.

15. Storage Crocks, Containers and 5-Gallon Food Grade BucketsKitchen-Tools-1

The most useful tool on a homestead, in my humble opinion, is a 5-Gallon Food Grade Bucket. They serve so many uses; making vinegar, cider, juice, wine, alcohol, oil, clabbered milk – okay, there are just so many uses that it impossible to list them all! 😉


29 thoughts on “15 Essential Homestead Kitchen Tools

    1. A couple of thoughts:
      Happybuy Manual Oil Press $90
      Happybuy Oil Press Machine Commercial Grade Happybuy Oil Press Machine Commercial Grade $290
      Or if you are handy… https://www.treehugger.com/sustainable-product-design/windoil-wind-powered-oil-press-dave-hakkens.html
      One more possibility is an old fashion horse-drawn or water or wind press/mill. Large etched stones grinding olives, nuts, seeds or even flours! Take a peek at antique presses and mills and fashion your own. 😉

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  1. weirdkitchenware

    This is amazing list! We should appreciate that as we prepared earlier, and rejoice that civilization has developed so highly! Thanks for your work!

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  4. Reblogged this on Not Something Else and commented:
    Get a load of this. Excellent advice. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

    There are even a few pointers there for myself. I don’t, for instance, have an Oil Press or a food mill. Must look into that.

    I also don’t have a meat grinder but, having been a vegetarian for the past twelve years, unless things get really bad and I get desperate, or lose my current sources of protein, I won’t be needing one. Fingers crossed.

    This is just the sort of information that I wanted to include in my ‘Preparations’ blog, https://preparationsblog.wordpress.com/ but never found the time or energy to really get going with. Maybe one day.

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    1. onecrazykat

      Yes! It has been invaluable in ours. It is just too humid for safe drying and I am not willing to tend a little smoke fire all day to do it the old fashioned way.

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