Seasonal Savory Breakfast Bowls That Will Have Your Family Coming Back for More!

Mornings are quite busy in our household; as I am sure they are in yours!  So, how do you feed your family a healthy breakfast that will have them coming back for more?

Breakfast Bowls…  Let me repeat… Breakfast Bowls! 

Here are Seasonal Savory Variations on a Breakfast Bowl that your Family is sure to love!

I prepare a the main portions of the bowl a week in advance, reheat the bowls the morning I serve them and add poached eggs and some other goodies that day.

Step One ~ Cook Quinoa

You can use different whole grains, but cooking time will differ.

3 c Quinoa
4 tbps Olive Oil
1 tbps Honey
1 minced Shallot
Zest of 2 Lemons
Juice of 2 Lemons
Salt and Pepper to Taste


Wash quinoa in 3 changes of cold water in a bowl, draining in a sieve each time.
Cook quinoa in a medium pot of boiling salted water (1 tablespoon salt for 2 quarts water), uncovered, until almost tender, about 15 minutes. Drain in sieve, then set sieve over same pot above 1 inch of simmering water (water should not touch bottom of sieve). Cover quinoa with a folded kitchen towel, then cover sieve with a lid (don’t worry if lid doesn’t fit tightly) and steam over simmering water until tender, fluffy, and dry, about 10 minutes. Remove pot from heat and remove lid. Let stand, still covered with towel, 5 minutes.
Breakfast Bowl

Whisk together oil, honey, finely minced shallot, zest, lemon juice to form the dressing.  Divide quinoa into individual-sized storage bowls with a lids (like a pyrex storage bowl). Pour a little of the dressing into each bowl and fluff together using two forks. Salt and Pepper to taste.  Store in refrigerator.

Step Two ~ Roast Veggies


Spring Breakfast Bowl
2 c Asparagus Spears (cut into 1″ pieces)
2 c Halved, Small Radishes
2 c Baby Carrots (or cut into 1″ pieces)
3 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt to Taste

 Summer Breakfast Bowl
2 c Cherry Tomatoes (or wedges)
2 c Diced Zucchini
2 c Sweet Onion
3 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt to Taste

 Fall Breakfast Bowl
2 c Diced Sweet Potatoes or Winter Squash
2 c Sliced Sweet Pepper
2 c Onion
3 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt to Taste

Winter Breakfast Bowl
2 c Halved, Small Brussels Sprouts
2 c Onions (cut into wedges)
2 c Beets (cut into wedges)
3 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt to Taste


Preheat your oven to 425o F.  Toss each veggie separately in olive oil and sprinkle of salt and put onto a baking pan.  Roast in oven until caramelized and tender.  Times will differ, depending on the veggie.  Put the roasted veggies into the bowl.  It looks nice to keep each veggie separate.

Step Three ~ Additions to Each Bowl

Optional Ingredients

2 Eggs – Poached (Made day of serving)
1/4 c Sauteed Garlicy Greens (Premade with roasted veggies)
Crumbles of Goat Cheese (Added before serving)
1/8 c Bacon Pieces (Premade with roasted veggies)
1/8 c Ham Cubed (Added before serving)
1/8 c Herbed Ricotta (Premade when making roasted veggies)
1/8 c Roasted Nuts or Seeds (Premade with roasted veggies)
1/2 of an Avocado


Poaching eggs is easy-peazy with this method.  The morning of serving, add water 3/4th of the way up a high-sided saute pan and bring to a simmer.  Add 1 tbsp of vinegar to the water.  Crack each egg into a separate ramekin.  Swirl water so that it creates a tornado like swirl in the pan of water.  Slide each egg into the water while it is spinning into a separate area of the pan.  Cook for 4 minutes for a runny yolk, 5 minutes for a medium yolk and 6 minutes for a hard poached yolk.  Remove with slotted spoon and put into the reheated bowl.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

The morning of serving, I reheat the Quinoa and Roasted Veggie Bowls in the oven, covering them with tin foil to steam.  Or for those of you who have a microwave, reheat in the microwave if you wish.  I also like to add some goodies to each bowl, such as sauteed garlicy greens (I add to the bowls while the bowls are reheating), goat cheese, bacon pieces (I add to the bowls while the bowls are reheating), roasted nuts and the like.  The options are endless!!!

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