To be afraid… Or to not be… Is that the question?

Many of you have read the numerous North Korea posts.  For those who are new to my blog, I am not into fear… I do not believe in fear being a hindrance.  I view it as an opportunity.  I am very much into awareness.

I believe that disconnecting from the large- broken systems which currently run our society will benefit everyone.  I hope to encourage you all to become more independent from these broken systems.  I also hope that my blog is overwhelmingly positive.  I do believe in you all – no matter the country, city, or situation you find yourself in… Little things that you do every day can and will help your family’s security and well being in the long run.  I wish to foster this.

Please let me know what topics you are interested in so that I may provide information which is applicable to everyone.


2 thoughts on “To be afraid… Or to not be… Is that the question?

  1. I believe in this to. We are caught up in a matrix style rat race, where on one side it is material, judgemental and unimportant things that people live for and on the other its the experiences, not caring what people think and appreciating the more simpler things in life. The sooner people realise this, switch off the media and start living everyday for them selves and the people they care about, the sooner happiness will thrive.

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