Start Your Sweet Potato Slips

I start my sweet potato slips in the beginning of February when we start to get a little more sunlight.  Growing sweet potato slips is one of the easiest things to do, sincerely!  They do take time to grow, but will save you loads of cash.

About 5-15 slips grow from each sweet potato starter – let’s just average it out to 7 slips per starter to be on the safe side.  We eat lots of sweet potatoes and require about 1,000 lbs per year.  Each sweet potato slip produces one sweet potato plant.  You may anticipate yielding about 3.5 lbs per plant.  So let’s do the math… 1,000 lbs needed / 3.5 lbs per plant yield =285 plants.  285 plant required / 7 slips per starter = 40 sweet potato slip starters are required.  Let’s say 45 sweet potato slip starters for good measure.

What you need:

  • 45 Small, Thin, Organic Sweet Potatoes (mold free, no shriveling, we’ll call them
    image source: foodskillsforselfsufficiency-com


  • 45 Pint Jars (or equivalent containers)
  • 135 Round Toothpicks
  • 3 Baking Sheets
  • Water
  • Sunny, Warm Area

See, this is easy…

Okay, now it is assembling it all together.  In a sunny, warm, indoor area lay out 3 baking sheets and place 15 pint jars on each sheet.  Pour water into each pint jar, 3/4ths of the way up.   Insert 3 toothpicks around the sweet potato, leaving 1″-2″ of sweet potato at the bottom if the sweet potato and set it into the jar.  If the water doesn’t cover the bottom, add water.


Now we wait.  Add water when necessary and change out water weekly.  The sweet potato will start to grow white roots and then shoot of vine and green leaves sprout out of the top of the potato.  Each vine is called a slip.  Once the slip is about 6″ tall, pick it off of the sweet potato and place in a jar of water until it is ready to plant outdoors (when the threat of frost has subsided).


46 thoughts on “Start Your Sweet Potato Slips

  1. I’m definitely going to try this. We love sweet potatoes! We don’t have space to plant them in our veg bed but we can try eating the leaves and maybe plant a couple in a container.

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    1. Cut or break off the shoots from the potato. Cut the end of the shoot at an angle and place in a pint jar with one inch or so of water. Replace the water each day and place the jar on a sunny window sill. They develop roots in a couple of days! 😉

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  2. What a nice post, it just reminded me of home where people regularly grow sweet potato slips for decorative purposes (they will grow a very long time)! We also consume the leaves (they’re just like spinach), this is supposed to help breastfeeding mums…

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      1. You are a sweet potato wizard! This is a brilliant idea. I’d love to hear more about how you prep sweet potato for your dog too! My dog Gemma just loves it.

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  3. This is AWE-some. As a family that eats a lot of sweet potatoes as well [it has great anti-inflammatory properties that has helped my health greatly, besides tasting amazing], its great to see this information out there. Specifically, how much each plant would yield was unknown to us, and we are greatly appreciative of this information. Just wanted to say thanks and hope to see more similar posts in the future!

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