U.S. Orders Diplomats’ Families To Leave Venezuela As Crisis Deepens

The State Department Thursday ordered relatives of American diplomats to leave Venezuela ahead of an election that could end in the rewriting of that country’s constitution.

The department said it was also allowing U.S. government workers to depart the embassy in Caracas and limiting the movement of those who stay. An updated travel warning also urges American citizens not to travel to Venezuela due to social unrest and violence.

The ordered departure comes three days before President Nicolas Maduro’s government plans to hold a vote for an assembly tasked with overhauling the country’s charter. Maduro’s opposition says the election rules are rigged to strengthen his hold on power.

The U.S. has been urging Maduro to cancel the vote and threatened more sanctions if occurs.

More than 100 people have died over four months of anti-government protests that began when Venezuela’s Supreme Court stripped the opposition-controlled National Assembly of its remaining powers.

The official death count by the county’s chief prosecutor has been highly politicized, with the opposition and other government agencies reporting varying tolls and causes of death that focus blame on the other side.

The oil-rich South American country, which Thursday was in the second day of a two-day general strike that shuttered businesses nationwide, has also seen thousands of injuries and arrests.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

7 thoughts on “U.S. Orders Diplomats’ Families To Leave Venezuela As Crisis Deepens

  1. Comment on How To Provide… Blog

    I apologize for expressing anger, but I have to say that I see things very differently than you.

    My desire to see an end to Capitalism has absolutely nothing to do with an end to our government. I don’t understand equating the two. Capitalism is not democracy. As a matter of fact, it’s virtually the opposite. We do still have a Capitalist society – Fumdamentalist Capitalism. And in this society almost everything is for sale – including integrity. If we continue in the direction we’ve been going the past 36 years, we will have no social security, medicare, medicaid or other important social programs. Capitalists are attempting to privatize the entire economy. Libertarianism is the eventual result of Capitalism when dissident opinion is blunted. And that is exactly what is happening today.

    I do not want people to be afraid, I believe fear is suicidal. I want people to see patterns of behavior among our leaders and realize that we must stop the descent into a society lacking compassion for the most vulnerable and acceptance of censorship and heartless fiscal policy.

    We have become conditioned to accept these things incrementally. From Reagan to Trump, we have become numb to the irrational excuses political and industry leaders have spewed to convince us of the need for intense security measures and austerity economic policies.

    I find it unacceptable and continue to wonder when the majority of the country will wake up to the reality of a corporate-controlled society which is slowly losing its humanity.

    I am sincerely sorry to have offended you. Possibly, it is having grown up in the NYC area. We speak our peace and allow for emotionally charged discussion of important issues.

    I live a simple life of very few possessions, do not use a personal vehicle (due to the destruction to the environment), work very hard for everything I have, do volunteer work for disabled people, walk dogs for free and rescue cats from the streets of NYC. I help nurture them, get them fixed and find homes for them with my incredibly wonderful wife who I adore. I am polite to people upon meeting them and rarely have a mean word for anyone. Apparently, my online persona became too heavy. I assure you it’s because I care very much for all living beings and feel pain from what I see going on around me. While I am embarrassed to have disturbed you, I also believe that if more people had my passion as well as compassion we would probably be in a better place as a society. However, everyone evolves spiritually at their own pace and I have become far too impatient. Thank you for the lesson in patience and kindness. I needed it.

    I hope you understand and forgive me. Have a wonderful night.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Other than your second paragraph, we agree on many, many things. Regardless of what we all feel is the source of our societal break, it seems that many of us agree that a break is occurring or has occurred. So, now what is there to do? Let’s all work together to take the power back from the government and the crony-corporations who are in-bed with the government and give it back to the people. Regardless of whether we (as a people) agree on everything I know that power in all of our hands is far better than power in the hands of the few.

      No apology is needed. 😉 I am of the belief that in the order of priority in regards to reaction, feelings and emotions come last (react with your heart, than your mind, than your body and finally your feelings). All of the “little things” we do as a people for others, the small kindnesses we show, help to ensure that regardless of our differences, the government and crony-corporations do not and will not have power over us. Thanks for writing back. I do like dissenting opinions — it is how we all learn from one another. Please continue to respond to these articles as you desire. 😉


  2. Most of the violence is by right wing Capitalist zealots funded by the U.S. intelligence services and military. This is another despicable example of U.S. intervention causing death and destruction – including destruction of democracy.

    We need to support the majority of Venezuelan people who support the process of changing the constitution. This is a country FAR more in touch with actual democracy than the U.S. There is a level of participation among the population unseen and unheard of the United States.

    We should use the example set by the Venezuelan people as inspiration to fix our own seriously dysfunctional governmental system and change from a Fascist-inspired Corporatocracy to some semblance of democracy.


      1. Yes, exactly. It’s sad that the majority of the media in the U.S. is owned by the people who are pushing Fundamentalist Capitalism throughout the world. Our news is tailored to emit the proper response so that we dogmatically accept Capitalism as a fair system. Obviously, it is anything but fair.

        In case you’d like to see an important video put together by a U.S. journalist who went to Venezuela and put in the time and effort to learn the truth, check out this blog post. You’ll find it fascinating:


        Thank you. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. 😀


      2. Sorry, my mid-western niceness is disguising my issues with your comment. I like that you seek the truth. I like that you are willing to make your opinion known. I can see that you are frustrated. But please know, I am a capitalist (and please know that the USA is no longer a capitalist country-once large corporations get in bed with government, it is no longer capitalism), libertarian, conservative, and constitutionalist. I am very much into encouraging others and discouraging angry blasts, so please, rephrase and dispose of the anger — it will serve you better. I do dislike the USA involvement in other countries affairs… But we all should take note of government collapses and the chaos that ensues thereafter. Our system is broken and when it eventually fails, there will not be a sigh of relief. When our system fails there will be terror, horror and screams in the night. There will be many who die miserable deaths…. This is nothing to wish for…
        The real issue is progressives. They are on both sides of the aisle… there are liberal progressives and conservative progressives. There are progressive republicans and progressive democrats. They wish to take away freedom from others to gain power.
        I still encourage you to respond to my blog articles. Just please think about how you will be perceived and your agenda. What are you seeking to accomplish? If you desire to persuade, anger almost never accomplishes this goal — unless you desire that people are afraid. Uncontrolled fear results in confusion, chaos, terror and death… And it eventually fails.


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