Blackberry & Chamomile Herbal Tea Recipe


“Blackberry and chamomile herbal tea is medicinal tea.  It is known to help with throat inflammation, calms and relaxes, boost immunity and helps to heal wounds with a good amount of vitamin C.  It is perfectly safe to drink and has no known side effects with all the benefits!”

8 oz Dried Chamomile Flowers
8 oz Dried Blackberry Leaves
8 oz Dried Dandelion Leaves
4 oz Dried Stevia Leaves
4 oz Dried Blackberries
2 oz Dried Orange Peel Zest
1 oz Candied Ginger

Toss and crush ingredients together until well combined.  Heat water to 180 degrees.  Add a tablespoon of herbal tea mix to a tea ball infuser.  Pour hot water over the tea ball infuser and steep for one minute. Enjoy!


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