Labor Day : My Thoughts

Labor Day Runner Ducks
Labor Day Runner Ducks Laboring Away…

In Every Job That Must Be Done,
There is an Element of Fun.
You Find the Fun, and Snap, the Job’s a Game!”
– Mary Poppins, P.B. Travers –

For most in the USA, Labor Day means rest and relaxation. For me it means the enjoyment of labor. Homesteading and farming are a lot of hard work; blood, sweat, tears, exhaustive, back-breaking, pain-filled work. But it also is inspiring, heart-felt, warming, securing, fulfilling, muscle-building, satisfying, fat-stripping, uplifting and awe-filled work. It seems that all things hard fought have this duality.

Laziness is celebrated in our society, where the sale’s pitch is the less you have to do the better off you will be. It seems that work, such as in the corporate world, is high-stressed and low-activity. No wonder work is seen as something to avoid. Productive, passionate, physical labors are a cure to most of what ails us.

My daily activities include lugging around about half my weight worth of bins of sprouts, grain bags, bedding, soil, gravel and the like. I chase young hatchlings that dodge and weave like crazy back into the electric net fence.  I wake to a coyote attempting to get into the coop, run down the stairs while putting on my socks, grabbing my shotgun, flashlight, shove my feet into my boots and run down my driveway, lighting up the night’s sky with a big boom. I do bleed, not daily, but almost.  I do have blisters.  My back is sore, calf muscles aching, biceps bulging, heart pumping and adrenaline rushing. This is the LIFE!!!

Join us in the glorious, laborious, Homesteading world.

It is so good!

12 thoughts on “Labor Day : My Thoughts

  1. peacelovepointers

    One day I will be a farmer. Until then, I make do with what we have. Every time I unload a bale of hay for the rabbits, it makes me happy. Something about carrying a bale of hay makes me feel like the real deal. 😉

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  2. Your photo of runner ducks filled me with joy just now. My dream is one day having a few, but right now our yard area is too small and seems to close to other neighbors to provide the right environment for the ducks. But I dream…and LOVE seeing photos of these perky little ducks.

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