I’m not a Granola, Crunchy Kinda Gal… Even If I Love Doing All Sorts of Granola, Crunchy Things!

I definitely belong on the island of misfit toys….

I like makeup and clothes. I like canning and gardening. I like baking homemade bread and preparing dinner for my husband. I will butcher a chicken the same day that I go to a fancy restaurant. I like putting on heels as much as I like putting on rubber boots.

Rachel Falco Laughing
Me Laughing My Butt Off At My Funny Husband…

On my MP3 player you will find Mozart, Simon and Garfunkel, Eminem, Leonard Cohen, Miranda Lambert, Led Zeppelin, Bach, Staind, Brantley Gilbert, Otis Taylor, Velvet Revolver, Bruno Mars, Hillsong United, Peter Frampton, Michael Buble, Vienna Boys’ Choir, Johnny Cash and U2.

I am a writer, speaker and a farmer.

I am a Catholic, conservative, libertarian, steward and a capitalist.

I live by the mantra: F.E.A.R. ~ Face Everything and Rise!

I Believe In: Respect for tradition, preservation of heritage, the rule of law, our constitution, freedom of religion (establishment or exercise), freedom of speech (or of the press), freedom of assembly (peaceably assemble or petition the government), right to keep and bear arms and I practice this right, right to own property, guard against unwarranted search and seizures, limited government, right to speedy, impartial and public trial, free markets, personal responsibility, and for individuals to solve problems – not the government…

I guess I am an enigma, wrapped in a riddle covered in secret sauce.

Here’s the thing… It doesn’t matter to me if you feel the same way as I do.  For that matter, I treasure my friends who are Jewish, liberal, democrat, environmentalist!  Being different is a GOOD THING!  I have found that having friends who are different from you help you to become a better person.  At least it has me.  Here’s to all those who belong on the island of misfit toys!

17 thoughts on “I’m not a Granola, Crunchy Kinda Gal… Even If I Love Doing All Sorts of Granola, Crunchy Things!

  1. From a “Charlie in the box” I hear you sister. I’m too conservative for my liberal friends, too liberal for my conservative friends asked why I’m not vegetarian, and told that the farm must be beautiful and romantic. We can shovel a truckload of manure and go to the opera. You fit right in. You belong.

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